n° [2019-1-LT01-KA204-060482]

Integration of Young Adults into Labor Market Through Cultural Heritage



2019-11-28, 10.30-17.30

Alytus music school


Before the kick-off meeting:

  1. To define the target groups;
  2. To organize a local seminar in order to discuss together with a target group, what kind of virtual café would be most attractive for them;
  3. To think of possible stakeholders of the project.


  1. Original order about project team and International project executive team.
  2. Original Partnership agreement with annexes.
  3. Ideas and evidence from your local meeting with your target group and stakeholders about project implementation

    To bring with you to Alytus :

       4. To think possible dates for the 2020-september meeting in Sweden. It is suggestion – the end of September, f.e. 25-26 of September, or 24-25 of September.

During the meeting:

  1. 10.30-11.00 Project content and activities. Coordinator.
  2. 11.00 -12.00 Partners present their institution, city, traditions, possible target groups and potential stakeholders
  3. 12.00 -13.00. Discussion with Alytus music school target group and possible stakeholders
  4. Lunch 13.00-14.00
  5. 14.00 -15.00 Project implementation steps and activity plan.

1 step: the material about the partner countries will be collected, described, pictures of the places, most attractive for business, will be presented. Each participant will learn to recognize, which city, country it is, to tell a short description about that location. A test will be created for the participant to recognize the country or city by looking at their views. We also have to describe all possible requirements, arangements with institutions responsible for healthy environment, is it possible to get electricity, water, sanitarian places here…what else do we need if we choose this or anothe place for our cafe…

2 step. We choose the profile of our café – name, menu. How it will look like? Interior?  An audio-video material will be created about partners’ traditional songs, dances. There will also be an audio test created for participants to distinguish a traditional art of the countries.

Cultural heritage is not only material objects. Traditional songs and dances are an important part of nation’s history. Songs used to be created according to historical events of that particular time, customs, lifestyle. Project participants will have an opportunity to learn and teach each other of songs and dances inherent to their region.

Activity plan before Austrian training seminar: in Austria we will try to find answers for these 2 steps and will bring with us results nb 1(our city places with the possibility to create workplace -café) and result nb2.(traditional music or modern folk or classical arts with signs of cultural heritage)

  1. 15.00-15.45 How to create Memorandum of understanding with Stakeholders and other documents (dissemination plan, sustainability and impact plan, plan for defining risks, monitoring).
  2. 16.00 -16.40. Visit to Alytus municipality. Meeting with Alytus mayor.
  3. 16.40-17.30 Meeting evaluation and reflections. Meeting dates in Sweden 2020-09-25-26?


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