1st on-line project meeting minutes

Integration of young adults into labour market


Date: 2019-10-15. 11.00-11.30 (LT local time)

Participating partners:

ECECE (Austria), Alessandro Zeppelli

ANPTIXIAKO KENTRO THESSALIAS (Greece), Achilleas Kostoulas

ALYTUS MUSIC SCHOOL (Lithuania) Aldona Vilkelienė, Laima Žurava

PREVIFORM (Portugal), Jorg Veloso

SVEFI (Sweden), Alexei Usov

Head of meeting:  Aldona Vilkelienė, coordinator, LT

Minute taker: Laima Žurava, LT




PROJECT COORDINATOR EMAIL: Erasmusyoungadults@gmail.com



To send an order about Erasmus+ project team (list of the people, who legally work with the work contracts and are involved  in the project activities, especially mobilities and learning training activity)

To send 2-3 names, surnames of people from each organization confirmed by the signature of legal representative. They are responsible for the project. Usually it is legal representative, accountant and project manager.


No. Decisions / Tasks Deadline Responsible person, institution
1. Confirmed next on-line meeting date 2019-11-12

11.00 (LT, local time)

2. All partners confirmed decision  – to organize kick-off seminar 28th of November, 2019 in Lithuania, Alytus 2019-11.28 Mobility sum including travel and accommodation is 575 Eur for AU, SWE and GR and 760 for Portugal. All partners sends 1 person  to Alytus music school, but, according their financial possibilities  (cheap flights, personal/institutional finances, or 20% from all  “Project management and implementation” budget, they can send 2 persons.
3. Project logo – choosing the best version. 2019-10-15 Common decision -logo nb.3 will be approved for the project documents. Thank you, Greece!
4. “Pilot” local seminar for target group and stakeholders.

Question: how to use AU, LT, GR, SWE, PT traditions, meals, music, city places establishing new attractive working place (café) in own or other country. It will be created virtually during the project activities.

Between 2019-10-20   and 2019 11 -28 We have to identify our target group and stakeholders, therefore we, each partner, organize small “pilot” local seminar and discuss with the young adults and stakeholders (labour market specialists or other).

We will ask their opinion how they imagine integration in labour market of young people through cultural heritage; how they imagine, for example, café in the city downtown or next to the river, what kind of cultural heritage should be included creating catering job place and so on, should it be only Greek cultural heritage in TRIKALA, for example, or maybe Lithuanian café in Trikala and verse; or Austrian café with SW or PT dishes or music.

5. All partners confirmed the Learning, teaching, training activities date – 22-28 of March, 2020. (7 days). 2020-03 -22/28. Austrian partner confirmed dates for Learning, teaching, training activities. Arrival can be 22th morning or before afternoon, departure 28th in the late afternoon. According EU rules, these 7 days we have to work 6 hours per day.
6. FB page

Project website

2019-11-12 ·         Responsible project coordinator. FB page will be interactive, all partners can administrate it and add information.

·         All partners must create information on their websites with the logo  “EU ERASMUS+ funded by European Commission” and project logo.




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