2ndon-line project meeting minutes

Integration of young adults into labour market


Date: 2019-11-12. 11.00-11.30 (LT local time)

Participating partners:

ECECE (Austria), Alessandro Zeppelli

Sotirios  Mageiras (Greece),

ALYTUS MUSIC SCHOOL (Lithuania) Aldona Vilkelienė, Laima Žurava

PREVIFORM (Portugal), Jorg Veloso

SVEFI (Sweden), Katarina Persson

Head of meeting:  Aldona Vilkelienė, coordinator, LT

Minute taker: Laima Žurava, LT




PROJECT COORDINATOR EMAIL: Erasmusyoungadults@gmail.com


No. Decisions / Tasks Deadline Responsible person, institution
Order about Erasmus+ project team (list of the people, who legally work with the work contracts and are involved  in the project activities, especially mobilities and learning training activity). 2019-11-14


All partners. Original document to bring to Alytus.
2. All partners confirmed decision  – to organize kick-off seminar 28th of November, 2019 in LT, Alytus 2019-11.28  Logistic information was arranged individually with each partner.

All partners start kick-off seminar at 10.30, 28th of November, finishes at 17.00.

Agenda attached separately.

3.  Memorandum with stakeholders 2020-01-20 Common decision – first to organize kick-off seminar and then to sign Memorandum and to send it to Coordinator. Deadline is 2020-01-20.
4. “Pilot” local seminar for target group and stakeholders. Question: how to use AU, LT, GR, SWE, PT traditions, meals, music, city places establishing new attractive working place (café) in own or other country. It will be created virtually during the project activities. Between 2019-10-20   and 2019 11 -28  Coordinator sends instruction about PILOT seminar with small group target group and stakeholders. The results with the evidence (pictures, list, ideas and opinions) have to be presented at the kick-off seminar.
5.   What to bring with you to Alytus? What to know?  Original order about project team and International project executive team.

Original Partnership agreement with annexes.

Ideas and evidence from your local meeting with your target group and stakeholders about project implementation

Possible dates for the 2020-september meeting in Sweden. It is suggestion -the end of September, f.e. 25-26 of September, or 24-25 of September.




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