3ndon-line project meeting minutes

Integration of young adults into labour market


Date: 2020-01-21. 11.00-11.30 (LT local time)

Participating partners:

ECECE (Austria), Alessandro Zeppelli

AKETH (Greece),  Sotirios  Mageirias

ALYTUS MUSIC SCHOOL (Lithuania) Aldona Vilkelienė, Laima Žurava

PREVIFORM (Portugal), Jorge Veloso

SVEFI (Sweden), Katarina Persson

Head of meeting:  Aldona Vilkelienė, coordinator, LT

Minute taker: Laima Žurava, LT




PROJECT COORDINATOR EMAIL: Erasmusyoungadults@gmail.com




No Decisions, tasks Deadline Responsible partner
1 Memorandum of understanding 2020-01-20 All partners
2 Arrival. LTTA in Klagenfurt – preparation. Arrival-departure and LTTA visit to Austria, Klagenfurt. Allessandro sent us information about flights and trains. Please look for the tickets (2 persons from each organization). and let me and organizator know your arrival and departure time until end of February.

Arrival day is 29 of March, departure 4th of April. Sometime it can be 3th of April, but not earlier then 15.00. there are rules  for LTTA  –  6 hours 5 days. If not, we have to give money back.


2020-03-29-2020-04-04 All partners
3 3. Activity in Klagenfurt. According our application “ the participants will learn to create a business plan, will get familiar with the theories of creative thinking”.

What to bring with you to Austria:

1. Video material with the city places (LT-Alytus; Portugal -Ponte de Lima; Greece -Trikala; Sweden -Haparanda; Austria -Klagnefurt) All partners  collect material about their cities, they will describe, show most interesting and attractive pictures of the places, most attractive for business . Each partner and their learners  will learn to recognize, which city, country it is, to tell a short description about that location (about Alytus, about Haparanda, about Trikala etc.). Each partner create a short movie from their city places (using their mobile phones or other).

5 attractive places of the city for each partner is enough.

1.1. Then each partner will create 4-5  questions-answers  – a small test for the participants to recognize the city places (which city, which country, what a place).

2. Audio-or video material about partners traditional songs, music, dances. It also can be modern folk that is closer to young generation. 5 songs-dances (audio or video records).

2.1. Create some questions about traditional music or attractive folk music in your country with possible answers.

3. schedule in Austria is written for 7 days, but 1 and 7th day are for travel. We arrive 29th of March.

30th of March – Introduction. Documentation. Semifinal report – preparation.

Lectures about creating work place. Austria.

31th  -workshops. Sweden presentation video from Haparanda – city, traditional music.

1th – workshops. Workplace, catering area, safe food. Also video from Ponte de Lima and trad arts, music. Portugal.

2th -workshops. EU culinary heritage and arts. Also video form Alytus, and music. Lithuania.

3th. Workshops. Virtual material about workplace. Strategy for workplace. Also video fromm Trikala and traditional music. Greece.

Monitoring Evaluation, preparation for  mobility to Sweden.


2020-03-29-2020-04-04 All partners
4 International partners meeting in Sweden. Meeting in Sweden is confirmed 2020-09-29-30.


2020-09-29-30. SWEFI
5 Next on-line meeting 3 of March. 11.00 Lithuanian time


2020-03-03 coordinator, partners



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