9th on-line project meeting minutes
Integration of young adults into labour market


Date: 2021-03-17. 12.00-12.40 (LT local time)

Participating partners:

AKETH (Greece), Sotirious Mageiris

ALYTUS MUSIC SCHOOL (Lithuania) Aldona Vilkelienė, Tomas Simanavičius, Laima Žurava

PREVIFORM (Portugal), Jorge Veloso

SVEFI (Sweden) Stefan Ferguson

ECECE (Austria) Alessandro Zeppelli

Head of meeting:  Aldona Vilkelienė, coordinator, LT

Minute taker: Tomas Simanavičius, LT



PROJECT COORDINATOR EMAIL: Erasmusyoungadults@gmail.com, mobile phone +37061064950


Meeting aim: to organize project  monitoring and risks evaluation, to decide possible changes


Virtual café  – final result  https://virtualcafe.aketh.gr/.

Budget transfer from Mobility to Exceptional costs.

LTTA activity – number of participants, time and duration.

Acitivity plan   – possible changes of date.



No. Decisions / Tasks Deadline Responsible person, institution
 1 To create virtual café including 3 outcomes (city places, songs, foods), to correct questionnaires (right answers) and to place all material on the internet 2021- 04-02 Greece, AKETH
2 Local seminar/s work with the target group applying „Virtual cafe“. Creating own virtual cafe (descriptions). Competition. 2021 -March, April All partners
3 Mobility changes:
Virtual meeting in Greece „Entrepreneurship promotion in an intercultural space and virtuality“
Virtual mobility in Portugalannex Nb 1 – Budget transfer – financial calculation and eligible expenses
annex Nb 2 –  example of the invoice for the Exceptional costs
2021-04 -12
Greece, AKETH
Previform, Portugal
4 LTTA activity  changes: 5 days, number of participants will be will be fixed during the LTTA. (see annex Nb 3 – financial explanation for LTTA) 2021 -05-03/07 Austria ECECE
All partners
5  Next on-line meeting  –  virtual meeting in Greece.  2021-04 -12   16-18 (LT local time) ? confirmed during on-line meeting


6 Virtual International meeting in Greece 2021-04-12 Greece  confirmed that international project meeting would be more safe to organize virtually.  All partners agreed, because countries are closed.
It was decided to organize international mobility 1 day seminar on-line and to work on  the theme „Entrepreneurship promotion in an intercultural space and virtuality“.
Meeting questions:
1. Partners have to decide how to achieve target group needs – to create and work out the instrument to promote entrepreneurship in a virtual way.
Greek partner AKETH will give advices how to organize target group seminars and LTTA training activity creating job places based on agriculture and food.
International competition „I virtually create a work place“ will be discussed and strategy fixed.
2. From Application form:
During the meeting in Greece the creation of virtual products and their presentation will be tested. Target group teams at their home will create their products following “Virtual café” example. It can be business plan, description of virtual café, collage , etc. All possible examples will be presented by each country during LTTA in Austria (Virtually).
3. Preparation for LTTA in Austria: schedule, content, participants, documentation.  To organize the selection of participants for planned international teaching and / or learning activities -documentation, contracts, tasks.
4. Participant list and certificates for International meeting – responsible Greece , Aketh and Coordinator (participants and their signatures or screenshot with the names, certificates).
7. LTTA in Austria 2021-05-03/07 Responsible  – Austria, ECECE and Coordinator. All material gathered in LTTA will be shared with the target groups and stakeholders.
Schedule: every day from 16.00-18.00 LT time (contact hours virtually) and 2 hours independent work.
05-03. Austria -presentation of the partners institution, experience in the project subject. Discussion. What competences do young people need to create jobs related to traditions (arts, culinary,  heritage) in EU? Do they need knowledge, skills, cultural awareness? What else? What is the Austrian labor code, rules, occupational safety, food technology. Where can similar professions be obtained in Klagenfurt or Austria? Introduce those institutions. How people can get cultural knowledge about this EU country?
Austria and all partners.
Result:  useful links, documents.
05-04. Workshop. How to create workplace in the catering area: interior and selection of the workplace.  Presentation of the most creative cafe interiors, advices. Where occupation or skill for inetriior design can be obtained in our countries and cities?  Responsible SVEFI and all partners.
Result: useful links.
05-05 . How to create a workplace in the catering area: food and its relation with the country’s tradition. Responsible Portugal PREVIFORM.
05-06 EU culinary heritage and arts. Music and songs about different kind of food (muschrooms, fish, bread etc). Responsible -Lithuanian partner AMM.
05-07. Monitoring, risks, finaces, self-evaluation.  To perform the assessment of the change of competencies of the LTTA groups who participated in the training.
Preparation for the last virtual mobility in Portugal
To prepare a competition and prize for each partner target group, to prepare detailed implementation plan of the project dissemination and use of the results, envisaging targeted measures, target groups). Responsible – project executive team.
Documentation -each partner gives their participant list with the name, surname, mobile phone and status at organization confirmed by the legal representative (only participants with the formal contract must be invited). Participants have to be fixed each day during LTTA ativity (participants name on the screenshot)
Financial part. 2021-05-07 Tell me before 30 of April how many participants are you able to invite for everyday evening training?  Because I would like to transfer money  on 7th of May (the last day of LTTA when number of participants is evident ) and it will  be money for:
virtual meetings in Greece, in Portugal and LTTA in Austria.
8. Virtual mobility in Portugal 2021-05-31 Each partner gives a presentation of their target group “Virtual café” (description, business plan or collage. Awards. Possible social partners are invited to take a part in the event. Local media. Press.
Dissemination for social partners and stakeholders (Entrepreneurship and Social dialogue).
Preparation for the last step-final report.
Project sustainability – new Erasmus project application.
9. 10th on-line meeting 2021 -06-29

12.12-45 LT time

Dissemination. Preparation for the Final report and documentation.
10 Important dates:
2021 -04-12 virtual meeting in Greece
2021-05-03-07 LTTA in Austria
2021 -05-31 virtual meeting in Portugal



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